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★★★★★ Love love the Gus Lussi technique. Starr Andrews learned this.... His technique gave her what she has developed into
today as a skater!
     Toshawa Andrews, mother of Starr Andrews, 2022 Skate Canada Silver Medalist
★★★★★ I remember how, through the use of common sense, the mystery was taken out of the technique of skating by the person who taught me so much. Gustave Lussi produced champion after champion after champion, because he gave his pupils technique
that they could rely upon.
     Dick Button, ABC sports commentator, two time Olympic Champion, five-time World Champion,
ABC Sports commentator, Lussi student
★★★★★ Your Lussi DVDs are fascinating. I am so glad to have them! What treasures! Beautifully done, too!
     Dr. Tenley Albright, Olympic Champion, orthopedic surgeon, Lussi student
★★★★★ Gus Lussi taught me how to skate. He taught me how to spin, and he taught me how to jump.
     Dorothy Hamill, Olympic Champion, Lussi student
★★★★★ Gus Lussi understood the fundamental physics of figure skating. ...and because he incorporated those physical laws into his techniques, and harnessed physics to accomplish the jumps, his techniques will remain the foundation of figure skating, forever.
     John Misha Petkevich, US Champion, two-time Olympic team, Harvard graduate, TV sports commentator, Lussi student
★★★★★ Great work!      Don Jackson, World Champion, Lussi student
★★★★★ ...wonderful, informative, and interesting! There is no one to equal him...fantastic job!
     Ronnie Robertson, Olympic Silver medalist, Lussi student
★★★★★ You have done a remarkable job of putting it all together which was no small task.... It is very informative and instructional.
     Eileen Seigh Honnen, Olympic and World competitor, Lussi student
★★★★★ Love your work.      Nigel Stevens, Canadian Champion, World competitor, former president Skate Canada, Lussi student
★★★★★ Lussi's strengths were derived from his deep and combined understanding of kinesiology and physics.
     Vincent Chun, MIT PhD Aeronautical/Astronautical Engineering
★★★★★ I finished watching the video series and I just have to say what a wonderful job.... It was really excellent.... As you and Mr Lussi described the technique I could recall how it felt to do the skills. Very cool. As I listened and watched it was so striking how ahead
of his time he was - a bio-mechanist before biomechanics was a thing - which I always knew but this brought it to the present for me.

     Dr. Ellen Geminiani, Sports Medicine, Assist. Professor/Harvard Medical School,
Chair/US Figure Skating Sport Science Committee, Lussi student
★★★★★ Cecily Morrow has produced an outstanding educational video on the Gustave Lussi technique.... This video is what I've personally longed to see...a step-by-step teaching tool.... We are so fortunate to have...these videos of Mr. Lussi's solid technique.
     Susan Davies, former Chairman, Coaches Training Committee, PSA
★★★★★ ...[the video] is very special to us not only for its value in the skating world, but personally since Gustave was the very respected and much loved coach of my husband. Your contribution to the skating world is enormous and your efforts are greatly appreciated.
     Carole Shulman, former President of Professional Skater's Association
★★★★★ ...the Gus Lussi video is fantastic and I only hope you have captured more of Mr. Lussi for additional videos. He was a master!
Justine Smith, former Executive Director of International Skating Institute
★★★★★ ...fascinated! I love [the Lussi videos] so much. I'm studying...Gus's commentary to the skaters. Super impressed by Dubova videos.... I do think that there needs to be discussion of technique that is lasting and survives puberty. The Lussi technique does do
that and that is a huge concern for ladies these days. We have all of the evidence that Eteri's technique does not win in the end.

Dave Lease, skating journalist, The Skating Lesson
★★★★★ A unique opportunity to learn from a great master. Visually explicit, fascinating to follow... this video captures the essence of Mr. Lussi's technique while demonstrating clearly how to attain it.      Meg Streeter, producer "Magic Memories on Ice"
★★★★★ Cecily, it was an honor and pleasure to have you teach and share your knowledge with me. I had a wonderful time working with you. I learned so much in that one lesson, from the very basics of pushing and alignment for jumps.      Billy Kheir, skating coach
★★★★★ Cecily is an exceptional teacher, highly professional. The way she teaches and expands upon the techniques of Gus Lussi and Natalia Dubova in her videos illustrates her encyclopedic knowledge of figure skating technique, training, and experience!
     Alice Shelley, skating coach, Washington, D.C.
★★★★★ Interesting... The Lussi jump technique is perfect for the +5/-5 GOEs as the delaying of rotation provides much more distance and height for quads and triples.      Lorna Brown, skating coach/choreographer
★★★★★ Systematic Figure Skating encapsulates all of the details (that very few teach) for effective figure skating, thereby allowing skaters to advance quickly in skating skills, spins and jumps without injury. Just like building a house that won't fall down, a solid
foundation in skating is essential to greater success; Cecily and this collection provide all figure skaters the opportunity to learn the
complete Lussi methodology and reach their highest potential.
     Michael Wallace, Fortune 100 Operations Leader, former skating coach
★★★★★ I thoroughly enjoyed this video. As a coach I found it extremely useful! You've done a wonderful job!!! Thank you.
     Lynn McDonald Stairs, Calgary Alberta
★★★★★ I have learned a tremendous amount from the videos.      Ann Beardsley, skating coach
★★★★★ Refer to the video often...starting that new technique for spins really made a difference.
     Diane Galipeau, Quebec skating coach
★★★★★ Thank you for writing these articles. They have been most beneficial to me, my students, and my club.
     Anne McGraw, British Columbia, Canada skating coach
★★★★★ ...very useful in my coaching classes.      Gerald Genz, IL coach
★★★★★ As a skating teacher now, I use Mr. Lussi's techniques all the time.
     Crystal Knorr, skating coach, Cecily student
★★★★★ They're terrific.      Debbie LaFary, KS coach
★★★★★ I have always been interested in learning more about Mr Lussi's technique. As such, I find your videos both highly informative and fascinating.      Ray Belmonte, skating coach
★★★★★ I find these videos very helpful to my teaching.      Baerbel Easley, VA, skating coach
★★★★★ I can't tell you how excited I am about this and following videos. I remember Mr. Lussi...what an impression he left with me! Believe me, I wish more people knew more about him.      Rene Gelecinsky, US figure skating coach
★★★★★ I really enjoyed your first video on Lussi spins. As a former Lussi student, it brought back many memories. Please let me know when your next video will be available.      Laura Beardsley, US figure skating coach
★★★★★ ...video on spins is fantastic and a great help whilst coaching.      Margarita Sweeney-Baird, British coach
★★★★★ I have taken lessons from coaches who worked with Mr. Lussi and I appreciate the techniques of his they shared with me. I'm so grateful to be able to purchase these DVDs to learn even more about his techniques
that I can pass on to my students.
     Polly Joralemon, skating coach
★★★★★ Thank you very much for great DVD's Amazing. All DVD's are great and I am seeing a lot improvement in my skaters performance.      Zina Kovalenko, skating coach
★★★★★ I been wanted to see videos for a while now. Very interested..:) I am figure skating coach in Tasmania and running my own private group teaching skating. I skated since i was 9 year old (i am 41 now) in Russia.      Oxana Anichkina, skating coach
★★★★★ What a wonderful video...really helped me with my teaching.      Robin Hand, NC, skating coach
★★★★★ I have thoroughly enjoyed Systematic Figure Skating.... This was the best teaching tool I have ever come across! Better than years of lessons in figure, free, and dance with master-rated coaches, far better than any
PSA seminar or conference.
     Debra Coppinger, ME, coach
★★★★★ You are doing such a service for all of us.      Linda Garrison Webster, FL, skating coach
★★★★★ Very much enjoyed....      Dr. Christina Oleson, skating coach
★★★★★ This video is wonderful!!      Ellen Kleidon, IL, skating coach
★★★★★ I am a teacher for figure skating in Vienna. When I was a skater myself, Mr. Lussi was in Vienna teaching spins to me...around 1964, before the Olympic Games.      Inge Kerr-Strell, Austria, skating coach
★★★★★ Thanks loads. Looking forward to purchasing more.      Tom Carr, Japan, skating coach
★★★★★ Absolutely wonderful. Stops people in their tracks. When we showed it in house...
sold all copies.
     Ted Wilson, Hong Kong, skating coach
★★★★★ I sat through several viewings back to back. The overwhelming feeling was one of ecstasy. It brought all of my childhood training into sharp focus, finally giving it a form and voice.... My students here in Romania will be the greatest beneficiaries of your videos.... How lucky he was to have you as his chronicler.      Lydia Paley Hume, Romanian (and US) coach
★★★★★ It gave me great pleasure reliving my lessons with Mr. Lussi....
He made my skating most enjoyable.
     Carol Wanek, NYC coach
★★★★★ ...excellent work! Best instructional videos ever.      Jonathan Fishbein, US ice dance judge
★★★★★ You did a wonderful job and putting it together It should be in every skating library and in the hands of every pro. Thanks to you this Lussi technique will live on forever, not lost.      Mary Lucille "Pinky" Ager, US figure skating judge
★★★★★ At last I have my own copy of your Lussi spin video...you'll have big satisfaction for making a contribution to the sport.      Florence Sifford, US figure skating judge
★★★★★ I loved your videos.... I watched them over and over. ....amazing, amazing, amazing... for every skater,
parent of a skater, and coach.
     Allison Manley, journalist, Manleywoman Skatecast
★★★★★ It's been an honor to write about this.      Jo Ann Schneider Farris, skating journalist
★★★★★ Of all the technical videos, Lussi is by far the best ever.     Bob Mock, skating coach and journalist
★★★★★ Cecily would take the time to explain the physics behind skating, why technique matters and how to exploit these to make a powerful and gorgeous skater. She would provide video analysis, choreography, ballet instruction, contemporary dance,
music selection, music cutting and boot and blade selection. She even taught my daughter figures.
     Bill Koss, MA, parent
★★★★★ Cecily has been such a huge force in my life for many, many years after our coach/student relationship.
I still hear her say "Just do it" when I feel like I want to give up.
     Lynne Cooney, WA
★★★★★ I want to thank you for creating these Dubova volumes! My former teacher owned the VHS tape...and when he lent me his copy, I immersed myself in it. I can only describe it as magical when I watched it as a kid! In fact, I love "The Dance Training Methods of Natalia Dubova" so much that I chose to skate to the same aria used in the video.... I am so happy that I now get to own
a copy of this beautiful work for my skating archive!
     Jimmy Kuo, NH
★★★★★ WOW! It is great!      BettyAnne Wilkinson, Manitoba, Canada
★★★★★ Excellent blend of commentary, well illustrated technique... Bravo!      Pat Rhodes, Allentown, PA
★★★★★ I love your demonstrations and voice overs on these videos!      L. Hooker, Canandaiga, NY
★★★★★ I think these are such a great source of clean technique, and a great documentation of a very gifted and charismatic coach. You are so fortunate to have trained with someone of this caliber.      Sigrid Dahlberg
★★★★★ I really appreciate your investment of time and effort...they are incredibly helpful and
I'm getting a lot out of them.
     F. McQ., UK
★★★★★ Love watching these videos. Thanks so much for this resource. Will purchase 1 a month!      Patty Creel
★★★★★ It made a dramatic difference...plus decreased coaching time.      Sharon Reynolds, WA
★★★★★ What makes Cecily such an amazing coach? Experience, grace, and intuition.
     Claudia Sidman, Co-Founder One Cat Foundation, Cecily student
★★★★★ Best of all, I love stepping onto the ice every morning at the Ice Chalet knowing that those very techniques are incorporated into my own foundation of skating.      Kathyrn Eddy
★★★★★ I watched them all, they were fantastic! I will treasure them. I'm so glad you had the foresight to film these
coaching legends in action. And the fact that you wrote, produced, narrated, and skated in it, it's just amazing what a multi-talent you are. Extraordinary.
     Ryan Cody
★★★★★ My spins improved immediately.      Geoffrey Morrow
★★★★★ Love the videos!      Lisa Vetter, VA
★★★★★ There was so much information in the videos. Skaters today could really learn something from them.      Kevin Anderson, CA
★★★★★ I have to congratulate you for the first Lussi video on spins. it is great!      Mary Lindekens, Belgium
★★★★★ I want to let you know how tremendously grateful I am to the Systematic Figure Skating DVD's you made with Mr. Lussi. I started watching Volume IV just about a couple weeks ago (should have done it months sooner!). I really want to thank you for being so clear and detailed with the explanations, and often repeating the demonstrations in the video enough times that the images start to get in my head. Sometimes it's not easy to catch what Mr. Lussi had to say, but with you explaining loud and clear again what he meant, it helped me a lot!
     Elizabeth Chung
★★★★★ The entire family sat down and watched. It was fascinating and truly a master at work. I am really pleased and feel it was well worth the minimal cost of the video.      Candi Buist, parent
★★★★★ It was fascinating to see him in action. I had only read about Mr. Lussi before, so this is just a treasure. Thank you SO much for putting all of the time and creativity into undertaking this project so his teaching can still continue and skaters (and their parents)
and coaches can benefit from his genius. What a gift :)
     Jen Dimonte
★★★★★ Priceless information.      Marianne Yoshida
★★★★★ I am so glad you documented his teaching- pure genius!      Amy MacMartin
★★★★★ They are VERY useful. I am so thankful that these tapes/dvd's were done. He will live on forever in the eyes of us skaters who didn't know him. From these videos, I love Gus Lussi so much for his contribution and
his personality and I feel like I've met him.
     F. Nuri, NYC
★★★★★ You and Mr. Lussi have turned my figure skating world on its head! Keep fighting the good fight.      N. P., Utah
★★★★★ I viewed the Volume I tape five or ten times before I actually tried out some of the suggestions which were presented. When I finally went to the rink and applied the suggestions, one of the rink employees came up to me and asked me if I had been taking lessons. I told her that I had been cheating - I was using lessons from your videotape. About thirty minutes later, another person came up to me and asked the same question. Another thirty minutes after that, one more person came up to me - she asked if I gave lessons!      E. Desch, KS
★★★★★ Keep me updated about new DVDs.      Alexander Murashko
★★★★★ The production quality is excellent, with close-ups and slow motion used when necessary. Also, Dubova is miked, so the audio is clear and understandable and the narrator is great. The camera work is professionally done, with two (or more) cameras covering the rink,
so you will see close in work in high quality detail.
     Pamela Sexton
★★★★★ Can't tell you how helpful and instructive it's been for my girls...Intermediate and Novice ladies.      Suzanne Scott, parent
★★★★★ Thank you!! My daughter is 10 years old and dreams of joining those elite few.      Adam Smith, NJ, parent
★★★★★ The video is terrific, Cecily. My daughter has taken several group lessons with you...she greatly benefits from your instruction.
     Nancy Sheppard, Washington, D.C., parent
★★★★★ Very well done.      Mrs. John Vry, SC parent
★★★★★ Excellent, interesting and informative video.      Dr. Donna Derfler, CA
★★★★★ I can't wait for next volume!!      Alicia Gala
★★★★★ I love this video.      Julie Hurtt, IL
★★★★★ Watching this video mesmerized me...fantastic.      Melissa Anderson, MD
★★★★★ ...taught me so much      Katie Wheatley, MO
★★★★★ Excellent video. I've learned more about spinning that I've had from books and instruction.      Skylar K. Toy, CA
★★★★★ Great video. We really needed this.      Faina Kovler, DE
★★★★★ Thank you, thank you! Beyond wonderful. I'm an adult skater and rarely have time for private lessons, so this has been wonderful. Unbelievably improved.      Margaret Spivey, MO
★★★★★ Thank you for putting together the series. When I skated in my youth, I never understood why spins worked. As an adult returned to skating, now I understand the physics thanks to Mr. Lussi and you. What you are doing is very important to the sport.
     Pat Wrona, IL
★★★★★ Thank you for this informative video...I have seen improvement.      Deborah Farrick, MI
★★★★★ Excellent job! I really appreciate it as a training device. Gus Lussi understands physics -
crucial to consistent skating.
     Beth Bitar, MA
★★★★★ Grand! Also enjoyed Cecily's class.      Mary Yelenick, NYC
★★★★★ Cecily taught me every part of my skating from off-ice warm-ups,
ballet,and beautiful program choreography.

     Thea Koss, college student, Cecily student
★★★★★ This video is great!      Dorothy Zukor, MD
★★★★★ Thank you!!!      Ann Jenson, CA
★★★★★ Excellent training video. Thanks.      Antonio Torres, AL
★★★★★ I thoroughly enjoyed the video. I found it to be very informative, highly entertaining,
and very easy to understand.
      Alex Phan, VA
★★★★★ I was very impressed by his teaching techniques and felt that it has really helped.
His instructions made a lot of sense.
     Ms. Sharon Tan, Singapore
★★★★★ Excellent video.      Ann Pettey, IL
★★★★★ I love it and will buy more soon.      Margaret Van Patten
★★★★★ This video has helped my skating a lot...has already improved the speed of my spins.      Angelo Watler, NYC
★★★★★ I enjoyed the video very much.      Tauni Oxborrow, CA
★★★★★ Looking forward to more volumes - very helpful!      Karen Bensimon, NYC
★★★★★ Great teaching aid and very well done. Thank you.      Amanda Alvarez, CA
★★★★★ This video is very informative; I can't wait to get the other volumes.      Dr. Katherine Rispoli, RI
★★★★★ Cecily, I just wanted to write and let you know how much I value the Gus Lussi videos. It is clear to me that these videos were a labor of love for you, and I thought you might like to know that your work has been greatly appreciated.      Suzanna Miller, AL
★★★★★ LOVE THE VIDEO!      Linda Apps, NY
★★★★★ Great video.      Ralph Lao, CA
★★★★★ We have thoroughly enjoyed the video.      Dennis and Paulette Anderson, Laserblade FSC, WI
★★★★★ These are great! I need the videos on jumping as soon as they are ready!      Ann Umphres, CO
★★★★★ Great videos!      Janet Chapel, MI
★★★★★ These videos are excellent! God bless Mr. Lussi.      M. Janwich, NJ
★★★★★ Excellent.      Gale Denis, MA
★★★★★ I just had to convey to you how wonderful the Gus Lussi instruction videos are. ...when I was home in Scotland, I visited a rink and whilst in the midst of a "travelling" spin the resident coach approached me and asked if I had heard of Gus Lussi.... Once back in
Hong Kong, I bought your first two videos. I can't tell you the improvement - it worked!!! My coach wanted to know
how I could suddenly centre the spins.
     Fiona Donaldson, Hong Kong
★★★★★ This was a great video I'm very pleased and look forward to more.      Judy Watson, TX
★★★★★ Very helpful to my ice dance.      Joyce Bernstein, NY
★★★★★ Great video!      Patty Kwee, CA
★★★★★ Excellent blend of commentary, well illustrated techniques. Bravo!      Pat Rhodes, PA
★★★★★ Please keep 'em coming!      Linda Lin, IL
★★★★★ Great video!      Mariann Haggerty, NY
★★★★★ Excellent video.      Noah Osnos, NYC
★★★★★ We want them all.      F. Machovec, SC
★★★★★ ...very much enjoyed...looking forward to the rest of the series.      Janet Wagner, TX
★★★★★ ...just wanted to write...how much I am enjoying it....      C. Jill Odell, NJ
★★★★★ Thanks Mr. Lussi. Your techniques have helped me so much!      Lori Lim, PA
★★★★★ ...such a tremendous change in my skating...after watching the video I went out and did twice as many revolutions.
     John Johnson, Washington, D.C.
★★★★★ I really love the information in these videos.      Shayne Orologio
★★★★★ I just watched the jumps with Gus. This is a great DVD....      Tiffany Healy, Lake Placid, NY
★★★★★ Cecily,...You were so kind and patient with me and influenced my life-long love for skating.      K. Bohan, MA
★★★★★ I am a big fan of Gustave Lussi instructional video. As a matter of fact I have a VHS copy vol. 2 and 3. And Mr. Lussi video has help me a lot to improve my skating skills.      Maria Guevarra
★★★★★ I love it! Congratulation for your work!      K. Bori-Scuzs, Hungary
★★★★★ Thank you Cecily! I am so glad you documented his teaching pure genius!      Amy MacMartin
★★★★★ Thanks so much for the lesson. I skated the next day, and wow -- What a difference!      Dr. Anna Pecoraro, psychologist
Cecily Morrow.
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