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GUSTAVE FRANCOIS LUSSI taught sixteen World and Olympic Champions and hundreds of international, national, sectional, and regional champions and medalists. He invented and refined such maneuvers as the delayed-rotation double and triple jumps -- current International Judging System (IJS) standards award more positive marks for jumps with more distance and height.
(See 2020-2021 ISU Communication No. 2334 -- Updated Guidelines for marking +GOE of Single/Pair Elements, pg. 8.)

"Gus Lussi taught me how to skate.  He taught me how to spin, and he taught me how to jump."  Dorothy Hamill, Olympic Champion, and Lussi student Lussi.

"Gus Lussi understood the fundamental physics of figure skating. ...and because he incorporated those physical laws into his techniques, and harnessed physics to accomplish the jumps, his techniques will remain the foundation of figure skating, forever." John Misha Petkevich, US Champion, two-time Olympic team member, Harvard graduate, television sports commentator, Lussi student

CECILY ALEXANDRA MORROW worked extensively with Gustave Lussi for 24 years and was authorized by him to present his techniques, step-by-step, on the instructional video series: SYSTEMATIC FIGURE SKATING: The Spin and Jump Techniques of Gustave Lussi which she skated in, wrote, produced, and directed with Dick Button and Doug Wilson of ABC Sports. (Purchase on Videos page). Click here to see Gustave Lussi authorization.
"Cecily Morrow has produced an outstanding educational tape on the Gustave Lussi technique...  This tape is what I've personally longed to see...a step-by-step teaching tool...." Susan Davies, former Chairman, Coaches Training Committee, Professional Skaters Association

Morrow.Cecily teaches Lussi jumps and spins, stroking, and style to all levels of coaches, judges, and skaters from beginner to World and Olympic Champions in the United States and Canada. Cecily served on the Coaches Training Committee of the Professional Skaters Association, and the advisory board of Skater's Edge Magazine. She has written numerous technical articles demonstrating her comprehensive knowledge of the methods of her world-renowned teachers: free skating legend, Olympic coach Gustave Lussi; school figure specialist, Olympic coach Carlo Fassi; and Olympic ice dance technician, Natalia Dubova. While training with Ms. Dubova in Lake Placid, New York, Cecily conceived of, wrote, narrated, and produced the instructional video series, STROKING EXERCISES ON ICE: The Dance Training Methods of Natalia Dubova. (Purchase on Videos page.)

Recognized for her elegant stroking, edge work, and style, and teaching exact Lussi jumping and spinning technique, Cecily was a founding member and principal performer of the Ice Theatre of New York. Her formal education includes studying at Columbia University in New York City, Oxford University in England, and graduating with a BA from Smith College in Northampton, Massachusetts. While at Smith, she conceived of, and was Associate Producer of, the PBS television documentary, Gustave Lussi: The Man Who Changed Skating.


In June 2016, Cecily teamed up with Kori Ade, coach of Olympian Jason Brown in Colorado Springs, and is a guest coach on Kori and Scott Hamiltons's Sharp4Sports webinar platform. Cecily teaches in the Boston, Massachusetts area. For in-person private lessons or on-ice and off-ice training in your location via Zoom or FaceTime, click here or call 410-725-6193.
Cecily Morrow.
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